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After that the car was idling sleek and seemed to be running quite a bit much better than it had for some time. By this point I'm beginning to url the shaking on idle having a DPF blockage.

So took it in to my community non-Audi garage for a look. They reported Motor Mangement was throwing up Glow Plug amount four as a concern. In order that they changed all 4 plugs and it absolutely was sorted.

Took it back again to them about three months later to research a “juddery idle” that shook the car aspect to side somewhat. They were struggling to discover any faults following possessing the vehicle for 2 times along with the motor vehicle ran fine Once i obtained it again.

2 weeks on and all is well after the DPF elimination, EGR delete and remap. Nonetheless, yesterday the motor began to operate lumpy, revs had been at 1000rpm at idle and plooms of blue smoke although at idle.

took the spouse automobile for injectors replacement and now obtaining main issues with dpf automobiles completed a hundred.000 miles but Other individuals have done a whole lot a lot less so it cant be the don and tear to the filter its acquired to be linked Together with the injectors getting changed and audi really should just take accountability for that cock up but I do think i’ve acquired much more prospect of buying a household on the moon than audi admitting fault and helping their prospects..

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Not surprisingly not. Again into the old plan inside a 7 days. DPF light-weight on and off a minimum of each individual three hundred miles. Waited for it to go fully Mistaken yet again, mainly because it did past night time. I am property sitting instead closer to work, even though it however gets up to 70mph each day, immediately after look these up two weeks of this it decided to go into limp mode again.

you had any joy with this particular still, just collected mine again right now just after two months which has a whole gas tank and contours flushed out, a fresh tandem pump equipped and One more list of injectors FOC so fingers crossed all my troubles are sorted

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Just an exceptionally major coincidence after the injecter recall most of these individuals have the exact same issue with dpf.

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To fight allergies, drink one particular teaspoon each morning and just one at night. Spraying silver into your nasal cavities can even lower swelling and congestion. Nebulized silver could be inhaled a total of thirty minutes day after day and gel can be used inside the nostrils to counteract pores and skin discomfort.

He would of browse your E-mail or handed it onto someone else, but you could possibly do with trying to get to another Audi vendor so you're able to check with them what function has been completed because they sound like they are with Keeping information

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